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Savoring La Crema Wines at JADE’s Exquisite Wine Pairing Dinner


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A La Crema Wine Dinner Experience at JADE Restaurant

Thursday night, I was invited to a lively Asian-infused restaurant in Long Beach, CA, called JADE Restaurant. The event was a five-course meal with wine paring hosted by La Crema — an amazing wine company.

An Unforgettable Ambiance at JADE Restaurant

Upon arriving at JADE, I was surprised by the ambiance and scenery before I even went inside. Outside of the restaurant was a waterfront view, with boats, palm trees, and gorgeous flowers.

Walking closer to the restaurant entrance, I was met by two waterfall fountains and a seating area. I could tell immediately the restaurant was going to be beautiful. I walked in and met the managers, Adam and Maggie, who were so welcoming and accommodating. They led me to a back patio where the party tables were set up.

There were beautiful white flowers hanging from the ceiling, a fireplace, and tables decorated with table clothes and beautiful place settings. I was one of the first to arrive, so I took it upon myself to explore the restaurant.

Inside there was a lively bar, with patrons having a great time amongst each other, a fresh seafood bar where you could see the fresh fish they use to prepare the food, and outside, a beautiful patio.

While outside, I walked up and down the boardwalk outside the restaurant. With a beautiful sunny view of the water and nature surrounding.

When I went back to my table, the guests had arrived, and I had a lovely time getting to know my new friends around me.

A Feast for the Senses with La Crema Wines

The first course was an appetizer of a curry chicken skewer, which was delicious! You can’t beat flavorful chicken on a stick.

This meal was paired with the 2022 Pinot Grigio from Monterey. After my delicious appetizer, we received our second course of scallops and shrimp covered in panko breadcrumbs. (Fun fact- I don’t usually eat seafood!)

However, it looked so delicious, so I decided to try it. Not to my surprise, it was absolutely delicious and flavorful. This dish was paired with the Russian river valley Chardonnay which I think was my favorite white wine of the night.

Our third course was duck confit, and well, let me tell you, this was absolutely amazing and also my first time ever trying and duck. The duck was divine and also very tender and flavorful, served over a bed of mushroom risotto.

This dish was paired with Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley. Pinot Noir is my absolute favorite wine, so I was very pleased! The last course before dessert was a chipotle stuffed tenderloin with spinach and tomatoes. I think this was one of my favorite courses of the night, and my favorite part of the dish was actually the fried rice that came with it.

It was absolutely amazing and undeniably flavorful.

Even though I was so full, I could barely take another bite. I knew I had to eat the last part of the five-course meal, which was the dessert – a strawberry shortcake. Extremely light and fresh, it was the perfect ending to the most perfect meal. To wash it down, I had the rose Pinot Noir.

A Culinary Adventure at JADE on the Water

Overall, my experience Thursday evening was delicious, divine, and decadent. From the service to the ambiance to the food, plus the atmosphere — I couldn’t ask for a better evening. Jade on the Water is a must-see and must-try!

Also, La Crema is my new favorite brand of wine. Located in almost all stores that sell liquor! You’ll have to pick up a bottle.

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