Review: Philadelphia All-Stars craft beer, wine, cocktail festival

Wine, Beer
Photo by Lauren Ertle

Philadelphia, Pa. – What better place to feel like ballpark royalty than at the most talked about craft beer, wine, & cocktail festival made for all stars AND in the City of Brotherly Love?

Thousands of guests flooded Citizens Bank Park (while also in the middle of a flood warning) for the Philadelphia All Star Craft Beer & Wine Festival presented by Whole Foods and our team was right in the middle of the action!

If you think our crew was ready to kick off this festival in the most boujee of ways, then you’re absolutely right! Barefoot hit a homerun with their new Rose Spritzer. The perfect summer beverage for the beach or pool and the perfect way to start the festival. While sipping on sparkling summer in a glass, I was able to browse around at over 300+ samples of liquid gold!

For all my organic friends out there, I HIGHLY suggest Nectar Girl’s all natural, low calorie, Ruby Red Grapefruit cocktail mix. I know what you’re thinking…” you went to a craft beer festival, why didn’t you drink any beer?” Don’t worry, I did, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Check out my top recruits:

Top 3:

  1. River Horse Brewing Company Blonde Summer Ale
  2. Brooklyn Brewery Bel Air Sour Ale
  3. Goose Island Beer Company Summer Hours Lager

In the midst of this liquid glory, was incredible food that was more than Instagram worthy. While it’s hard to pass up the original ball park food, but how could you pass up gnawing on delicious jerky with a brewski in hand? I sure didn’t! While snacking on turkey jerky and enjoying a Sour Summer Ale from Brooklyn Brewing Company, sat at the top of the lineup.

Hard to believe this festival is only in its second year and is making BIG moves expanding by over 50% from 2017. What does that mean? Well for starters, a 50,000+ sq. ft. beer garden, over 100 beer and wine vendors, food, and games and not to mention more walking room (my Fitbit was not prepared).

Unfortunately, with the in-climate weather, fans were unable to walk the bases BUT there were tons of additional surprises to keep you occupied and take you back to those college days including: beer pong, giant bocci, fowling, cornhole, and more!

While making my rounds and scouting out my next pick, people of all ages were truly enjoying this experience. I can tell you for sure, I definitely was, especially after snapping a quick picture (in portrait mode obviously) with the 2008 World Series Champions trophy. I promise I only cried for 5 minutes after staring at this picture.

If geeking out and freely roaming Citizens Bank wasn’t enough, the Phillies vs Cardinals game was aired LIVE on the big screen for everyone to enjoy. Making this truly an all-star ballpark experience.

As someone who casually enjoys a Corona on the beach, this was truly overwhelming, but amazing at the same time. My taste buds were on overdrive with the variety of drinks and food around the ballpark.

Curious to see what you missed or scout your next favorite summer beverage? Get the official lineup here!

Mark your calendars for next year, because who knows how much bigger and better this festival can get AND here’s to hoping the weather will hold out for next year!