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Top coaches, programs spearheading NIL, will peers catch up?

Three letters have changed college athletics forever: NIL (Name Image and Likeness). And while many sports fans have focused on its effects on college...

 NY ‘not happy’ with end result as Cincinnati slows down pace

Harrison, NJ -- The Ball Out was in sunny New Jersey as the New York Red Bulls took on the FC Cincinnati at Red...

Sparks won’t retain Fred Williams as head coach

Fred Williams won't be retained as head coach of Los Angeles Sparks, sources tell The Ball Out. More details shortly. 

Serena Williams transitioning away from tennis

Iconic. Legendary. Inspirational. The list of descriptions can go on when it comes to Serena Williams. Since stepping on the scene as a young 14-year-old tennis player,...

NBA Insider: Update on Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving; Jeanie Buss’ tweet

The NBA world is on pins and needles as everyone is waiting to see what happens next with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. So...

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