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Emotions stirred in thought-provoking film, ‘Colorblind’


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The amazing movie Colorblind, directed by Mostafa Keshvari, tackles head-on the complicated issues of race and identity that are present in the United States. Rene, a young guy who is colorblind and one of the film’s primary protagonists, who cannot see colors. Because she is an artist, his mother teaches him to perceive the world through the lens of her work, which results in a special connection between the mother and her son.

Furthermore, because she is both a creative and a person of color, Rene’s mother plays a significant role in the movie. Rene is named after her. Rene is colorblind, which is a dramatic contrast to her artwork, which is brilliant and full of color. This contrast highlights the richness and variety of the world that they live in.

Throughout the course of the movie, Rene’s mother encourages her son to envisage a world that is full of color and vibrancy in spite of the fact that he lives in a world that is mostly black and white. She instills in him an appreciation for the nuances of color and texture, as well as an understanding of the significance of variety and inclusiveness in society.

The power of art, and the role it can play in assisting us to look beyond our own limits and prejudices, is shown by their connection, which is a monument to the power of art. The artwork that Rene’s mother creates enables him to have a fresh perspective on the world around him and to value the unique and wonderful qualities that come with its variety.

The movie “Colorblind” forces viewers to face their own preconceived notions and biases, as well as to acknowledge the significance of diversity and inclusiveness in today’s society. The tale of Rene and his mother is just one example of the numerous ways that art can help us connect with one another and experience the world in new and meaningful ways. Art may also help us view the world in new and meaningful ways.

In conclusion, “Colorblind” is an impressive and thought-provoking film that tackles crucial problems relating to race, identity, and inclusion in society. The bond between Rene and his mother is a lovely reminder of the potential of art to transcend barriers and to link us with one another in meaningful ways. Creative expression has the ability to bring people together.

By Andreea Dragoi

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