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Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls: Inspiring, relatable new documentary

When you hear the term Calendar Girls, what comes to mind? If you’re like me and you pictured women, wearing skirts, stockings, and thigh-high boots, gracing the pages of calendars, you...
Call Jane

Red carpet premiere: Elizabeth Banks stars in ‘Call Jane’

Los Angeles, CA -- Thursday night was an unbelievable evening as I covered the red carpet for the premiere of the new movie, Call Jane. Call Jane is a...
Charles Booker, From the Hood to the Holler

Charles Booker brings together community to create change

By Lauren Hardy The documentary film From the Hood to the Holler is just what it sounds like. This movie goes into depth about the stereotypes, secrets, and truths about Kentucky....

VMAs red carpet, lavish hotel, delectable food & more

New York City, NY — The past few days made for an unforgettable weekend in the life of a Ball Out host! For the past few weeks, we’ve highlighted...

Desperate for change, film ‘Breaking’ is eye-opening for viewers

Los Angeles, CA -- Breaking is a phenomenal true story film about the lengths one man went through to fight for his rights as a retired Marine. The movie...
My Old School

Exclusive screening of ‘My Old School’ doesn’t disappoint viewers

Los Angeles, CA -- Saturday night was another great event in the books here in Los Angeles. Tonight, I had the pleasure of covering the premiere of the movie,...
Taormina Film Festival

Red carpet, excellent movies highlight Taormina Film Fest

Taormina, Sicily, South Italy -- From the moment I was invited to Taormina Film Festival (TFF), I felt excitement rushing through my body. Having an opportunity to be part...
Unfinished Business, New York Liberty, WNBA

“Unfinished Business” documentary leaves viewers motivated

"Unfinished Business" is a documentary directed and produced by Alison Klayman and company, about the WNBA (Woman’s National Basketball Association). The documentary follows the New York Liberty on its...
Emergency, premiere

Cast of “Emergency” ecstatic during red carpet premiere

Hollywood, CA -- Thursday night was another unbelievable red carpet night here in Hollywood! I was able to cover the premiere of Amazon Studios film “Emergency”. Directed by Carey...
I Want You Back

Cast of “I Want You Back” shine on red carpet

 Los Angeles, CA -- Tuesday night I had the amazing chance to attend the premiere of an Amazon original movie “I Want You Back” directed by Jason Orley. This...