Greta Thunberg’s inspiring rise to prominence in new doc, ‘I am Greta’

I am Greta
Courtesy of Hulu

“I am Greta”, a documentary directed by Nathan Grossman, will make you rethink
your everyday habits. This documentary is about Greta Thunber, a young fifteen-year-old girl, whose goal is to create awareness about the problems we face with global climate

She especially wanted politicians to understand the seriousness of the
situation. Doing so, she started with a simple protest in front of Sweden’s parliament in
Stockholm. Soon enough, people all over the world supported and followed her

This documentary is truly inspiring. The movement she started was beautiful and
so powerful. So many people united and were determined to have their voices heard.
And all of it started because of one motivating person, Greta. She inspired the whole
world. There were strikes on every single continent except for Antarctica. A lot of people
even said that they would never have even brought up the situation of climate
change or have had the courage to start or join a movement if it wasn’t for Greta.

Although she had many people supporting her, Greta had to face a lot of disrespect,
ridicule, and misuse from politicians and other high class positioned people. These
people had to defend themselves so much due to the reality that Greta was spitting
facts left and right.

An important part that Greta mentions in the documentary is that a lot of higher positioned people love to be spotlighted and make it look like they care as if they are doing something, but in reality, they are really doing nothing. This is quite true. Many politicians always say they have a plan and that they will take action, but where is the action? Where is the plan? Why are no changes being made? These are all very important points that Greta fights against and the reasons why many politicians felt attacked and pressured.

Furthermore, I think the best part of the documentary was when Greta and her father went to a Global climate change event, and she was astonished that they were serving so much meat and dairy which is quite contradictory to their protest. Her expression and disappointment were amazing and really brought out the type of person she is which is strong and independent.

This documentary is perfect for people who want to be inspired and motivated to make a change in the world. However, do not get it mixed up that this documentary explains the issues with climate change. The film focuses on Greta and her journey, not the facts that motivated her to start the movement. Although, this film does encourage you to look into the matter. In conclusion, ‘I am Greta’ was amazing, and I have no doubt that other viewers will think the same.

By Nina Edelsbacher