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Britney Spears halts performances as father remains conservator



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LOS ANGELES, CA — Britney Spears was unable to free herself from her father. On Tuesday, a judge rejected her demand for Jamie Spears to stop being her manager and administrator of her more than 60 million dollars.
Spears’ representatives allege that her father fired his daughter’s business manager and hired a new one without notifying her. Given the refusal of the judge, the legal team of the artist declared that Britney is afraid of her father. Moreover, will not act again if he continues to be in charge of her career.
Despite this warning, the judge refused to suspend Spears’ father. Although she has been in favor of hearing future arguments for his suspension or expulsion. Britney’s lawyer plans to present.
Los Angeles superior court judge Brenda Penny set another hearing for Dec. 16. According to an order filed in the case file. The 38-year-old pop star is on an indefinite hiatus from her career. However, is actively working on her quest to regain control of her life and money after 12 years of legal guardianship executed mainly by her father.
The conservatorship, known in many states as a guardianship, began in 2008 when the singer was going through a period of emotional instability. In addition, losing custody of her two children. The arrangements are normally limited to people with severely reduced ability to make decisions for themselves. Moreover, are supposed to be temporary.
The artist has recognized the arrangement was necessary when it was established and probably saved her career. In addition, she remained silent throughout most of these years. But in August he began to publicly inquire who was supervising his life and money. Calling for greater transparency in often secret court applications. Even declaring his solidarity with fans who have demanded in demonstrations and online posts for control over to be ended.
She, James Spears and the co-curator, attorney Andrew Wallet, executed the conservatorship for 11 years. Last year, Wallet retired, leaving James Spears in charge. The father also temporarily stepped down as Spears’ guardian, citing health concerns, but kept his role as curator of her finances.
In August, Britney Spears said she strongly objected to her father returning as her guardian. Requesting to give her court-approved replacement, Jodi Montgomery, the permanent role. James Spears later said he would work with the Bessemer Trust. Yet, Britney Spears insists that such an arrangement would be “doomed” and that her father needs to retire completely.
In documents filed by her court-appointed attorney for conservatorship, Samuel Ingham III, Spears said her father would try to retain full functional control of his property, books and records despite Britney’s objections. In his own documents, James Spears argued that he has done his job well in bringing the estate to its present value of more than $60 million after being in debt and facing lawsuits in the tens of millions.
James Spears’ attorney argued that the interruption of the guardianship could endanger the artist’s fortune. In addition, defending the role of his client.
“I don’t think there is a shred of evidence to support my client’s suspension,” he said.
In this regard, her lawyer has alleged that she has always acted in the best interests of her daughter. However, the judge has accepted that the Bessemer Trust Company becomes a co-curator of the artist’s estate, at the request of her lawyers.

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