Pennsylvania Supreme Court to hear oral arguments in Bill Cosby appeal

Billy Cosby
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HARRISBURG, PA — Actor and comedian Bill Cosby was granted permission to appeal his case from 2018. Cosby has been in prison since Sept. of 2018 after being convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a former Temple University employee. The Supreme Court in Pennsylvania will hear oral arguments in Cosby’s appeal as he seeks to get the sentence overturned.

A few years ago, Cosby was convicted for a series of sex crimes: rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct. For years Cosby has denied the accusations which have also led to his entire career being tainted.

Pennsylvania’s highest court agreed to review two key issues in Cosby’s case. The first issue is the decision for the prosecutors to call five other accusers to testify back in 2018. The defense’s argument is those testimonies were dated and dissimilar from the criminal accusations. Furthermore, the testimonies should not have been allowed in court. In addition, the Supreme Court is considering if the jury should have heard evidence on Cosby giving those women quaaludes. The evidence presented came from a related lawsuit from Cosby’s deposition testimony.

The Supreme Court will hear Cosby’s appeal of his felony sex assault conviction on Dec. 1st virtually.

Cosby was sentenced to three-to-10 years which has been served at SCI Phoenix state prison. Thus far, he has served less than two years of his sentence.