‘Hamlet’ given new life in feature film, ‘All is True’

All is True
Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

By Chandler Allen

Beverly Hills, CA — ‘All is True’ is a movie that sheds light and insight on Hamlet’s life before he passed. It was thrilling and eye opening to what his life and upbringing was like alongside his twin sister Judith. When Hamlet passed, his family was affected immensely. Grief is a topic of focus amongst his immediate family throughout the film.

This movie shows William Shakespeare’s struggles in coping with his son’s passing along with his realization and gratitude towards his sister. Everything in ‘All is True’ was very captivating and fascinating — especially if you are a fan of both Shakespeare and Hamlet’s work.

‘All is True’ opens the audiences eyes to his sister’s struggles after his passing with their father and how she played a part in her brother Hamlet’s famous poems. In the era of time the movie portrayed, it was not accustomed for women to know how to read or write. But viewers got an insight to how Judith was an exception back then.

‘All is True’ goes in depth on not only Hamlet’s life but the struggles females faced during this era as well.

I would say ‘All is True’ is a must see and I would give it a five star rating.