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Electrifying colors, vibes enjoyed at annual EDC festival



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By Allie Schmiedeke

Orlando, FL — Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Orlando is a rave with stimulating entertainment, well known DJ’s and people from all over the world. This was my fourth year attending EDC and it did not disappoint. This was the first year that they decided to expand the festival to a third day, though.

Every year I attend this festival I’m more impressed than the year before. This year they had three big stages and multiple small ones which were all so much fun to jam between the big stages. They featured a bridge called “Daisy Lane” that went over a lake created which created a shortcut between stages.

electric daisy carnival
The rainbow arch found at at EDC. Photo by Allie Schmiedeke/The Ball Out

This year they also had so much stimulating entertainment. They had their classic Ferris wheel, which has been there since the first year I attended. There also were swings that went around in circles and elevated you high into the air. All their rides were truly electrifying and so pretty to watch. They had this amazing light up box, which was a converted shipping container, which you had to line up for. Once they accumulated enough people the show began. It was amazing and one of my favorite parts of the whole weekend.

Inside was an unforgettable light show that completely hypnotized you and took to you another world entirely. There was not a dull inch of space at the Electric Daisy Carnival. They have lights in the trees, fireworks, a big light-up rainbow arch and string lights everywhere. The carnival even had people on stilts and other performers spreading around good vibes.

A big part of the electric vibe though comes from the people. In fact, people were even wearing light up clothing. They had gloves with lights on the fingertips so you can get a cool light show and kaleidoscope glasses to enhance the lights around you. I tried on a pair that made all the lights around me have a heart-shaped glow around them.

Electric Daisy Carnival had well known DJ’s, including headliners such as Kaskade, Diplo, Alison Wonderland, Excision, Rezz, Deadmau5, San Holo, DJ Snake, and more. A really special moment was when we all sang “Happy Birthday” to Diplo in a country accent… because what’s fun about singing it mainstream.

Spectators could tell the DJ’s really loved what they were doing and wanted to be there as much as we did. Every DJ that stepped on stage really poured their heart out and their energy could be felt in the crowd.

It was such a beautiful and powerful thing to be a part of the crowd as the strong vibes from the DJ vibrated around us. They had a mix of house music, which is perfect to shuffle and jump around to, and my personal favorite type of EDM, hard style.

That’s the dirty, heart grabbing, hard music to head bang to. I love to just let go and be in the moment. A festival is a safe place where you don’t have to worry about being judged, so if you want to flail around….do it! You’ll be surprised how many people will actually support you and join in. Electric Daisy Carnival also had trance music which is the type of EDM that completely takes over your mind and body and puts you into, as the name suggests, a trance. Rezz is a perfect example of this.

As I mentioned earlier, EDC is a no-judgment zone. People come from all backgrounds, religions and countries. We’re all able to come together and put any differences aside because none of that matters once you experience the festival. All that matters is that we’re all people looking to do the same thing: spread happy vibes and rave!

A couple of flags being flown during the festival. Photo by Allie Schmiedeke/The Ball Out

Many people brought flags representing the country of their origination. I saw a few college flags as well. A helpful festival tip is to use the flags as a way to tell friends trying to find you what section of the stage you’re at. I met the nicest girl who came all the way from Sweden.

She told me that she was loving EDC and now loves America because everyone there had been so friendly and accepting of her.

I had the most amazing time at the Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando 2019. Electric Daisy Carnival had stimulating entertainment, well known DJ’s, and people from all around the world.

I’m counting down the days until next year, EDC Orlando’s 10th year anniversary. Let’s go!

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