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The Celtics lost more than Game 3 to the Miami Heat, they lost their will



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Picture this: The Boston Celtics, utterly punked.

You read that right – no sugarcoating or tiptoeing around the truth here. In Game 3, they faced a fate no one anticipated. The Miami Heat, fierce and unrelenting, shattered the spirit of one of the most iconic franchises in sports history – and not just in the NBA.

The Celtics? They crumbled, surrendered, and failed to make their presence felt.

When the Heat unleashed their knockout uppercut in the second quarter and the start of the third, the Celtics committed an unspeakable sin in sports, especially at this level. Channeling Roberto Duran, they cried out, “No, Mas!”

As we previously discussed, the Heat’s unyielding “dogs” taught the Celtics a lesson. But this time, it wasn’t about being outplayed; it was about the undeniable fact that the Boston Celtics were utterly punked in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Shocked at how the Miami Heat punked the Celtics

In Game 2, Boston’s defeat was justifiable – summed up in two words: Playoff Jimmy. However, in tonight’s game, Jimmy Butler could have whipped up a batch of his renowned “Big Face” coffee in the locker room during halftime, stayed put, and the outcome would have remained unaltered.

Sports isn’t solely about skill; it’s about the unyielding will, the relentless drive, and as ESPN commentator and former Celtics center Kendrick Perkins declared on Twitter, it’s about PRIDE! The fire that fuels champions and defines legends – that’s the true essence of the game.

In an astonishing turn of events, Boston’s two best players – both All-NBA stars – failed to make their imprint on the game, the most important one of the season, too. It was unthinkable to witness Jaylen Brown, a formidable force with a boxer’s lineage, being physically outmatched and dominated on the basketball court.

As for Jayson Tatum, mere words falter in describing the sheer disappointment of his performance tonight! He displayed neither rhythm nor urgency, barely any aggression, and lacked the unwavering will of a true “Alpha” leading a team vying for playoff survival – and a coveted spot in the NBA Finals. A disheartening sight for the loyal Boston fans, brass, and teammates alike.

Have the Celtics quit on head coach Joe Mazzulla?

“I feel like the Celtics have quit on their coach,” lamented the ex-Boston guard and NBC Sports Boston commentator Eddie House during their postgame show tonight. With the way they succumbed to defeat, who could dispute that observation?

A pressing question has loomed large all season: Following Ime Udoka’s dismissal for “engaging in an improper intimate and consensual relationship with a female staff member,” would Mazzulla possess the aptitude to steer the team back to the NBA Finals?

However, after tonight’s debacle, voices from both local and national media believe it’s time for the Celtics to chart a new course.

Even Mazzulla admitted postgame, “I didn’t have them ready to play. That’s on me.” He even implied that his words weren’t resonating in the locker room when asked if he had lost the locker room.

Joe Mazzulla, Boston Celtics, Heat-Celtics Game 3

“Yeah, it’s why I need to be better to figure out what this team needs,” said Mazzulla.

As the Celtics inevitably bow out of this series, it will be fascinating to see whether they can rebound from such a mortifying playoff finale!


Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Ball Out.

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