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Trending news: Bezos engaged; Carmelo says goodbye; TikTok sues Montana



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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reportedly engaged to girlfriend of 5 years, Lauren Sánchez

Love is in the air, and wedding bells will soon be ringing for billionaire Jeff Bezos and his Emmy-award-winning news anchor girlfriend, Lauren Sánchez.

As news spread, the two have been vacationing in France for the Cannes Film Festival. A source confirmed their engagement after Sanchez was seen rocking a dazzling diamond ring in photos on Bezos’ yacht.

The power couple has been going strong since they reportedly began dating in 2019 following the Amazon founder’s divorce from MacKenzie Scott. They were married for 25 years and share four children. Sanchez also divorced her Hollywood agent spouse Patrick Whitesell that year. Sanchez and Whitesell were married for 13 years.

Scott divorced Bezos in 2019 and received a 4% stake in Amazon as a part of her settlement. Since the settlement, Scott has dedicated her time to philanthropy work and donated over $14 billion to help fund about 1,600 nonprofits; she announced last year.

Bezos and Sanchez have also devoted themselves to philanthropic work and charitable efforts as a team.

Despite the split with Scott, Cupid seems to have struck again for Bezos. However, he and Sanchez have not announced the engagement publicly yet.

TikTok sues Montana over a ban of the app

TikTok filed a lawsuit against the state of Montana in District court Monday after the state announced a ban of the app last week.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, alleges that the ban violates American’s First Amendment rights, arguing that the bill prevents a “forum for speech for all speakers on the app,” targeting TikTok users for “disfavored treatment.”

“We are challenging Montana’s unconstitutional TikTok ban to protect our business and the hundreds of thousands of TikTok users in Montana,” Tik Tok said in a statement. “We believe our legal challenge will prevail based on an exceedingly strong set of precedents and facts.”

The bill does not prevent current users from accessing the app or penalize them for doing so. Still, TikTok said in the complaint that the app is used by “hundreds of thousands” of people in Montana to “communicate with each other and others around the world on an endless variety of topics, from business to politics to the arts.”

The ban also plans to hit companies like Google and Apple with a $10,000 fine for each day Tik Tok remains accessible to users in Montana.

Montana plans to roll out the ban in January of next year.

Carmelo ‘Melo’ Anthony announces retirement from NBA after 19 seasons & nearly 30,000 points later.

Carmelo Anthony, a 10-time NBA All-Star, officially announced his retirement from the league Monday, making him one of the best scorers of all time – finishing his career with 28,289 points.

Anthony scored the number 3 pick in the 2003 NBA Draft alongside Lebron James. The Denver Nuggets drafted him. He spent eight total seasons as a Denver Nugget but spent a total of 19 seasons in the NBA. Before turning in the jersey, Anthony played his final season in the NBA as a Los Angeles Laker.

Anthony took to social media to officially announce his retirement.

“Now the time has come for me to say goodbye,” Anthony, 38, said in a video he posted on Twitter. “Basketball was my outlet. My purpose was strong, my communities, the cities I represented with pride, and the fans that supported me along the way. I am forever grateful for those people and places because they made me Carmelo Anthony.”

Although Anthony has broken records and won the NBA scoring title in the 2012-2013 basketball season, he was never able to bring home an NBA title.

Titles never held any weight with Melo, though – The NBA remembering Anthony for the powerhouse he was.

“10x NBA All-Star, 6x All-NBA selection, 9th most points all-time and 75th Anniversary Team member…Thank you, Carmelo! ,” The NBA said in a tweet.

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