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It’s never been a secret that rapper Kanye West is always one to speak his mind. This was certainly no different.

The songwriter, producer and fashion designer on Wednesday took to Twitter to share his thoughts and feelings on his Grammy award: released a video peeing on a it in his bathroom. Once again causing such a stir, he was trending on social media.

West, 43, is one of the most controversial celebrities of recent years. The rapper, who has produced and released some of the most memorable songs of our era, has been in the focus of the media for different events that have occurred over the last couple of years. On the one hand, he’s been known for the marriage as well as the differences he has had with his partner Kim Kardashian. On the other, the surprising announcement he made a few months ago about his launch as a candidate for president of the United States.

For a few hours, the musician has published a series of comments that have stunned thousands of users. He made a series of criticisms of the record companies, so he decided to upload a video urinating no less than a Grammy award. Which since then as told by former Los Angeles Lakers star Rick Fox, has gotten Kanye West timed-out from Twitter.

“Trust me…I WONT STOP,” was one of the messages that West wrote, who declared war on his record label. It is that the musician assures that there are “hidden costs” in concept of “distribution fees” that benefit the record companies, denying the artists themselves to earn more money. According to reports, He’s even asked other artist to for help in his interesting quest for change. Including Taylor Swift.

In addition, he made it clear that he was not going to release music until the end of that contract and for the cherry on the cake, he leaked the phone number of Forbes editor Randall Lane, calling him a supremacist target. Twitter removed the photo from the publisher’s phone number.


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