Jonathan Irons, Maya Moore
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For the past two seasons, Maya Moore has not suited up for the Minnesota Lynx as she stepped away to focus on criminal justice reforms. One case she specifically was focusing on was Jonathan Irons, a man who was in prison for a 50-year sentence for burglary and assaulting a homeowner with a gun.

Fast-forward to July 1, 2020, Irons walked out of the Jefferson City Correctional Center in Missouri as a free man. Moore played a pivital role in helping Irons be released and shared part of her phone call conversation with him once he received the news of his case being overturned. According to a report, Cole County Circuit Judge Daniel Green stated prosecutors suppressed fingerprint evidence which would have helped strengthened Irons’ defense, and no physical proof was presented to linking him to the crime, thus the case was overturned freeing him.

Now a couple of months later, Moore and Irons appeared on Good Morning America to share not just more of his story, but that the two are now husband and wife.

In the video, Moore details how she has actually known Irons since she was 18 and getting ready to head to UConn for college. It was through her family she learned of his story and followed it from there on out before committing even more time to help get his conviction overturned.


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