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‘Remember Yesterday’: An unforgettable love story film



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The film, “Remember Yesterday”, directed and produced by J.R. Rodriguez, and Jonathan Landau, is a new romance film that is now out on digital platforms. This film is about a small-town woman, Jennifer (Jana Allen) who had big dreams to be in theater but along the way she got sidetracked. She put those dreams off and became a Diner Owner.

The movie highlights Jennifer falling in love with John (Adrian Monte) when they were kids, and after dating for a while, they broke up because her dreams for him were too big for the small town and her; so, she believed. Jennifer ends up pushing him away and he pursued his dreams because he was so talented, and she believed he could do so much more; and he did.

As the movie progresses, viewers learn John may have left his small town to chase his dream, but he never stopped loving Jennifer. Although she wanted so much for him, she also wanted it for herself, but she just didn’t know how to get it. Along the way, after getting distracted from her dreams, she fell in love with Davie (Ron Fallica) who was also a childhood friend of John, but he was an alcoholic and a cheater, that she knew she could no longer sacrifice her life for.

After 20 years of not seeing John, he suddenly shows up in the small-town planning to shoot a movie, but really, he wanted the opportunity to reconnect with the woman he had left behind and loved all those years, Jennifer.

When John shows up, with her marriage to Davie already in shambles, Jennifer instantly falls for him all over again because she never stopped loving him — she just managed to continue with her life without him. After reconnecting, the two knew they were meant to be together.

‘Remember Yesterday’ takes viewers on a ride as John works his magic to remind Jennifer about her love for theater again by convincing her to audition of the lead role in his upcoming movie. Her friend Katherine even had a big impact on chasing her dream, encouraging Jennifer to seek her dreams.

She realized that it wasn’t too late for her to follow her dreams, and for the first time, she decided to put herself first and moved to New York to audition for a role that she never knew was already written for her.  Her belief in herself and her dreams gave her a second change at her career and love.

I found this movie to be so relatable and I recommend you watching it for three reasons:

1. It’s a great reminder of letting you know that it is never too late to follow your dream. Often, as we age, we start to feel too old to follow our passion, but there is no age limit on success.

2. We all love a good love story, and this one was so beautiful. Not only did he come to reconnect with her after 20 years, but in doing so, he also helped her began a career that she had given up years ago.

3. ‘Remember Yesterday’ gives a great example of what it means to have people believe in you and support you. After Jennifer had given up her dreams, all those years ago, her teacher and friend Katherine had always believed and knew she was a star.  She faked an ankle sprain just so Jennifer could take a chance on herself. In doing that, she rediscovered her passion while also getting the love of her life.

It’s never too late to discover your true passion in life — maybe even the love you’re seeking is just around the corner. Make sure you go check out ‘Remember Yesterday’, your heartstrings will be pulled out.

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