“Unfinished Business” documentary leaves viewers motivated

Unfinished Business, New York Liberty, WNBA
The New York Liberty/Getty

“Unfinished Business” is a documentary directed and produced by Alison Klayman and company, about the WNBA (Woman’s National Basketball Association). The documentary follows the New York Liberty on its way to success during the 2021 campaign. The Liberty is a young team with its players, but in comparison to other teams in the league, it is one of the oldest franchises.

The documentary takes viewers through a timeline of everything from their fortunate, to not-so-fortunate events. First, “Unfinished Business” discusses the historical moment back in 1997 when the first game of the WNBA took place. The game was played at Madison Square Garden against the Los Angeles Sparks and it was a time when the league was getting great support and love from both the media and fans. Yet, as the seasons progressed, the WNBA started to lose less and less traction from fans which led to financial hardships and owners not being willing to invest.

Sadly, the declining traction made some believe the WNBA would never make it big.

The league was ridiculed by the media where they quoted things like “woman’s basketball will just never be a thing, and they have to realize that”. Having that said, as viewers we see the Liberty go through this journey of fighting both to make it big as a team, but also to beat all the various stigmas. “Unfinished Business” also discussed all the sexism associated with women as athletes and how they are trying to change the industry.

In more detail, players were criticized for coming out as lesbians and for standing up against the norms at the time. So, in many ways we are witnessing women athletes paving the way through generations, and for the next to come. Players on the Liberty, as well as around the WNBA, are making history and changing social stigmas.

This documentary certainly touches on some very real issues in today’s society when it comes to sports, yet also social issues impacting their communities, too. However, it also has valuable teachings on how we would like our society to progress, because as the title states; it is indeed “Unfinished Business”.

As viewers, we see a lot of passion, commitment, and drive. “Unfinished Business” is quite an inspiring journey to witness, and I am left with a lot of respect for the players. My final thoughts lean towards how charming, important, and inspiring this documentary was – it is one you should watch – especially if you are interested in such themes as motivational movies, sports, or social causes.

Back then people didn’t think the league would last, yet here in 2022, the WNBA has been around for 26 years including the New York Liberty never folding.

By Judith Jenssen