Cast of “I Want You Back” shine on red carpet

I Want You Back
Manny Jacinto, from left, Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Clark Backo, Gina Rodriguez and Scott Eastwood attend Amazon Studios "I Want You Back" Los Angeles Premiere on Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

 Los Angeles, CA — Tuesday night I had the amazing chance to attend the premiere of an Amazon original movie “I Want You Back” directed by Jason Orley. This light hearted rom-com is premiering just in time for Valentine’s Day exclusively on Prime Video! Tonight’s venue was at the ROW in Downtown Los Angeles. Upon arrival I saw the media pit being set up, the red carpet laid out, and the lights shining bright ready to go! I had a chance to see all of the actors in this film arrive, dressed to the nine’s!

Jenny Slate who plays Emma in the movie, was so humble and sweet when I spoke with her. Slate wasn’t the only humble actress I spoke with — Gina Rodriguez also was. In fact, I recognized from her huge TV show, “Jane The Virgin”. All of the cast members were so excited to be on the red carpet. You could feel their energy as excited and grateful. They all shared a great connection with one another.I was able to interview a few of the cast members there at the premiere of I Want You Back. I had the opportunity to interview Giselle Torres, Quinn Cooke, Dylan Gelula and even the director himself!

I learned from all of the cast members that they had such a great time filming this movie. They also expressed the adversity they faced with all of the COVID-19 restrictions. However, their movie finally came to fruition and they were all so excited to finally be at the premiere.What was very special about tonight was this premiere was actually a drive in movie! How cool? All of those invited were able to drive up to a huge projector at the venue outdoors and have an exclusive screening of the movie.“I Want You Back” will be airing to the public on February 11th. Make sure you guys check it out! You won’t want to miss out on this witty, hilarious, and warm hearted film.