Brooklyn acquires Ben Simmons; trades James Harden to Philly

Ben Simmons, James Harden, NBA trade

Ben Simmons is no longer a part of the Philadelphia 76ers franchise — he’s been traded. Simmons has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets for James Harden.

The blockbuster trade also includes Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two first-round picks from Philly going to the Nets. Paul Millsap will be joining Harden in Philadelphia.

Last season, Daryl More, the Sixers general manager, wanted to bring Harden to Philly. The two have a good relationship from their time together in Houston but the acquisition wasn’t able to happen until now. Harden reportedly wanted to be traded to the Sixers after the rocky start the Nets got off to this season and part-time playing the team receives from Kyrie Irving. Nonetheless, just hours before the trade deadline, Harden got his wish.

On the opposing end, Simmons has been very adamant he didn’t want to play for Philadelphia anymore. All season there have been reports staying he has lost millions in fines for not playing for the 76ers. Now he gets an opportunity for a fresh start in Brooklyn.

It’s a good trade for both teams, however, initially, Philadelphia slightly won this trade considering Harden has been playing and is game-ready. Despite hamstring tightness that has sidelined him the past three games, Harden has shown he can play at a high level and has been this season.

Time will tell if Simmons is ready to make an impact now that his wish was granted to be traded. While he hasn’t been with the team, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been in the gym — but it is a different speed playing games verse individual workouts. Brooklyn does add another shooter in Curry which the Nets need with the temporary absence of Kevin Durant and Joe Harris who could be facing ankle surgery.