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Ryan Garcia Knocks Down Devin Haney 3 Times, Wins By Majority Decision



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In a stunning turn of events at the Barclays Center, Ryan Garcia upsets Devin Haney by majority decision, as Garcia knocked down Devin Haney three times marking one of the most unexpected outcomes in recent boxing history. This fight not only captivated boxing fans but also significantly altered the career trajectories of “King” Ryan Garcia and Devin “The Dream” Haney, showcasing the unpredictability and drama that boxing continues to offer.

As the WBC super lightweight championship bout unravelled, both Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney brought their impressive records into the ring, but it was Garcia who emerged victorious, defeating Devin Haney and challenging the expectations of judges and fans alike.

This victory has propelled Ryan Garcia further into the spotlight, shaking up the boxing world and setting the stage for what promises to be a captivating aftermath and an intriguing path forward for both fighters.

The Buildup to the Fight

Pre-Fight Tensions and Expectations

  1. Weight Controversy: The buildup to the fight was marked by a significant weight issue. Ryan Garcia missed the weight limit by more than three pounds, rendering him ineligible to claim the WBC title even with a victory. This controversy added an unexpected layer of drama to the bout.
  2. Underdog Status: Despite his impressive track record, Garcia was considered a significant underdog with odds at +575. Pre-fight expectations heavily favored Haney due to his superior boxing skills and experience against elite opponents. However, Garcia’s previous growth from his bout against Gervonta Davis, where he learned crucial lessons from the rehydration clause, indicated he was not to be underestimated.
  3. Psychological Warfare: Garcia’s unpredictable behavior and effective mind games appeared to tilt the pre-fight psychological battle in his favor, despite the challenges posed by his weight. Haney, known for being a weight bully, faced difficulties cutting down to 140 pounds, which may have impacted his performance. Meanwhile, Haney’s team was under pressure to fill seats, adding to the pre-fight challenges.

Anticipation and Outcomes

  1. Fight Night Dynamics: Despite the controversies and challenges, the fight between Garcia and Haney was highly anticipated. The absence of the WBC title on the line due to Garcia’s weight issue did not dampen the enthusiasm for what was expected to be a compelling match-up.
  2. Historical and Professional Context: Both fighters brought impressive credentials into the ring. Haney had previously won the undisputed lightweight title and the WBC title at 140 pounds in his first fight in the new weight class, showcasing his boxing prowess. The fight’s outcome was poised to have significant implications for both their careers and the boxing landscape at large.

Round-by-Round Breakdown

Opening Rounds: Establishing Dominance

  1. Round 1: Ryan Garcia immediately set the tone, landing a powerful left hand that visibly hurt Haney, though Haney managed to recover and survive the onslaught.
  2. Round 2: Devin Haney adjusted, effectively using his jab and landing a significant body shot and right hand, showcasing his resilience and technical skills.
  3. Round 3: Continuing his momentum, Haney controlled the pace with precise jabs and body shots, while Garcia struggled to find openings against Haney’s tight defense.

Mid-Fight Dynamics: The Shift

  1. Round 4: Haney’s strategic use of feints kept Garcia off balance, with a notable left causing Garcia to stumble, highlighting Haney’s tactical superiority at this stage.
  2. Round 5: Dominating the center of the ring, Haney backed Garcia up, controlling the round and dictating the fight’s rhythm.
  3. Round 6: A resurgence from Garcia saw him landing a significant right hand, leading to a knockdown. However, a point deduction for punching on the break slightly marred his comeback.

Climactic Conclusions: The Decisive Moments

  1. Round 10: Garcia’s powerful left hook dramatically shifted the fight’s momentum, knocking Haney down and signaling a pivotal turn in the bout.
  2. Round 11: Despite being pressed by Garcia, Haney managed to land clean shots, though Garcia’s aggressive approach was dampened by another point deduction for holding.
  3. Round 12: The final round was fiercely contested, with both fighters having moments of dominance, making it a nail-biting conclusion to an epic showdown.

The Aftermath: Immediate Reactions and Future Prospects

Garcia’s Ascension and Haney’s Challenges

  1. Ryan Garcia’s victory was met with acclaim, with analysts likening his performance to that of a middleweight, praising his speed and power. His trainer, Derrick James, received notable recognition for enhancing Garcia’s skills, contributing significantly to his victory.
  2. Despite retaining the WBC super lightweight champion belt, Devin Haney faced criticism for his approach in the fight, with remarks about his inability to handle Garcia’s pace and avoid crucial punches like the left hook.

Potential Rematch and Career Implications for Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia

  1. Both fighters expressed interest in a rematch, with Haney explicitly stating his desire for another bout, emphasizing fairness and opportunity. Garcia’s camp, buoyed by the win, hinted at dictating terms for future fights, reflecting his newfound leverage in the division.
  2. The outcome has stirred discussions about Garcia’s potential to become an undisputed champion at 135 lbs, placing him at the forefront of the junior welterweight division’s major figures.

Promotional and Divisional Impact

  1. The fight significantly boosted Garcia’s profile, making him a major star in the 140-pound division and potentially reshaping promotional strategies around him. Golden Boy Promotions, after facing initial criticism, found redemption in Garcia’s win, which could lead to more high-profile matches under their banner.
  2. Haney, on the other hand, faces the possibility of being stripped of his WBC light welterweight title, which would mandate a defense against his mandatory challenger, Sandor Martin. This situation adds a layer of urgency to Haney’s career decisions moving forward.

What’s Next for Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney

Future Fights and Career Trajectories

Ryan Garcia’s Path Forward

Ryan Garcia, with his recent victory, has considerably enhanced his marketability and position within the boxing world. Speculations suggest that Garcia might target a unification bout at 135 lbs, potentially against notable contenders like Teofimo Lopez or Vasiliy Lomachenko. This move could solidify his status as a top-tier fighter in the lightweight division and further his legacy in the sport.

Devin Haney’s Recovery Strategy

For Devin Haney, the loss necessitates a strategic recalibration. His team is reportedly considering a few options, including a possible move up in weight class or a rematch against Garcia, which could help him reclaim his standing and potentially his title. The decision will heavily depend on the recovery from this defeat and adjustments in his training regimen.

Promotional Dynamics and Market Influence

The outcome of Garcia vs. Haney has stirred significant interest among promoters and networks, with implications for future fight cards and broadcasting rights. Both fighters are expected to draw considerable attention for their next fights, whether they face each other again or new opponents, impacting television ratings and pay-per-view sales.

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