Italian dinner
Table setting at lina's Italian Market dinner. Photo by Kiana Hasenbohler/The Ball Out

By Kiana Hasenbohler

Calgary, Canada — Tonight I had the pleasure of visiting Lina’s Italian Market in Calgary, Canada, for the “Chef’s Table Dinner-A Trip To Emilia Romagna”. Let me just say, it completely blew my expectations out of the water!

Lina’s Italian is known for being one of the most authentic, and delicious markets in all of Calgary. Tonight would be no different as you felt the love right as you walked through the doors and it continued till the last bite of food was taken.

Linas Italian market
Outside of Lina’s Italian Market before the chefs dinner. Photo by Kiana Hasenbohler/The Ball Out

To be able to try these delicious, 5-star Italian cuisines in my home city was an unmatched experience. Everything was made from scratch, which would definitely not go unnoticed. Homemade Italian? Twist my arm. It was hard to hide my excitement knowing I had this amazing opportunity.

The head chef, who was in charge of our meal, was a 2-star Michelin chef from Italy. His kindness as well as his passion, was not only genuine but something you could feel with the display in his cooking. He delivered with a delicious 5-course meal which did not disappoint. Although it’s tough to decide from the five meals, my two favorites were the Tortellini Bolognese (first course), and the Roast Beef, Mushroom, and Vegetables (main course).

italian dinner
Kiana enjoying the main course at dinner.

The Tortellini came with a freshly made sauce which was the perfect consistency, as well as home made tortellini to pair. My favorite part of the dish though, was easily the fried cheese they had placed in the middle, which was used for dipping the bolognese. Cheese is easily one of my favorite foods (especially fried).

For the main course, we were spoiled with the most outstanding roast beef I have ever tasted. It was tender and perfectly cooked. As a little treat on the side, they included a deep fried mushroom with spices, garnished with sauces on the bottom. Honestly, it was on another level.

In addition, we had wine to pair with our meals. As if there’s a better way to accompany your meal than with exquisite wine. Let me start first with that I have lived overseas and have definitely had my fair share of amazing European, and Italian wines. So, I feel qualified to say that the wines served were unbelievable.

italian dinner
The menu served at Lina’s Italian Market dinner with tonight’s dessert option, Zuppa Inglese. Photo by Kiana Hasenbohler/The Ball Out

We were served a Chianti Classico Riserva which not only is one of my favorites, but it was an outstanding choice for the meal we were served. I’ll definitely pick up a bottle of this wine for myself soon — the flavor was amazing!

Without a doubt, I suggest everyone to visit Lina’s or join Calgary in their monthly Chef’s Table Dinners! However, I implore you to book quickly. Rumor on the street is Lina’s has been sold out for two months now and for good reason. I can’t wait to come back and try more delicious meals like this from them.

Thank you to Lina’s Italian Market for having me and I can’t wait for the rest of the city to have a taste! Whether it be a home cooked meal from chef Manuel Panfili, or authentic Italian food from the Market — please do yourself the favor and visit Lina’s Italian Market!

Till next time, Ball Out fam!


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