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Screenwriters Annie Mumolo, Kristen Wiig give insight to writing of ‘Bridesmaids’

Hollywood, CA — #Inherwords was a combined private screening of the movie “Bridesmaids” followed by a Q&A with the writer and actor duo of Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig.

If you love comedy, then you know and remember “Bridesmaids”. It was one of those movies that affected us all with its humor and style. We all know that the movie was a hit but I don’t think most of us know the backstory of the people behind the ideas, the humor and the script.

Annie Mumolo stated that Bridesmaids was an idea for a script that her and Kristen started writing back in 2006 in Annie’s Burbank apartment. Originally they were going to call it “Maid of Honor” but then a movie of the same name came out, which spurred the change to “Bridesmaids”. All the humor and the awkward situations that come about in this film are from relatable, real life events.

The movie started as pitched ideas Annie and Kristen would have, then write. They then hosted reading parties to get input from their friends. A Q&A host asked what advice Kristen and Annie would give aspiring writers, to which Kristen responded very kindly.

“If you write for the ear or the person that’s reading it… it’s not really your voice and it’s really hard and it’s really scary to say okay ‘I’m just gonna write this cause I think this is like a really interesting story or really weird or really funny or really scary’,” Kristen said before continuing. “I’m not gonna care what the studios gonna think or what’s like hot right now and it’s the hardest thing I struggle with it I will write things like this is so weird.”

Kristen really opened up about the common insecurities that come with writing scripts. It really goes to show it’s hard for us all and that we are our own biggest critics. However that doesn’t mean that we can’t overcome it.

“It’s about, cause no one has your voice all those ideas you have in your head like nobody has those,” Kristen said as she continued to express and highlight what individuality really means to her. It is so important as a writer and an artist to understand that is your power. Sometimes we all need a reminder that we are all so unique that comes with gifts that we need to recognize within ourselves without needing validation.

“There is nothing scarier then that blank page,” Annie said, following her and Kristen laughing over the first draft of bridesmaids. “Don’t be afraid to write something terrible. Or something you think is terrible.”

Overall, watching their interview was so inspiring. “Bridesmaids” is an exceptional comedy and the fact that these women are talented and hard-working is the sole reason.

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