Kimura, Best chefs you've never heard of
Photo by Bree Cevaal/TheBallOut

Seattle, WA — The “Best Chef’s You’ve Never Heard of 2018: Female Powerhouse edition” was seriously so amazing! It was held at the amazing Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle — one of the best hotels we’ve attended for events. Throughout the event, everyone was able to visit eight different chefs and two different mixologists. Each chef had an appetizer and a main dish that they shared with those in attendance to taste! After tasting each dish everyone was able to vote on their favorite chefs to become the winner of the event.

It was so fun going around and trying all these unique and different meals that I never would have been able to try otherwise! I was in love with two different appetizers. The first appetizer was made by Chef Kaylah Thomas entitled “JuneBaby.” It was an Alaskan smoked salmon dip on a sourdough crisp, topped a with house-made pickle shaved carrot. Seriously, so amazing!

Chef Kaylah Thomas’ appetizers

Another favorite of mine was created by the winning chef, Cecily Kimura, entitled “Joule.” She made an albacore poke and young coconut on a seaweed chip. It really doesn’t get any better than that!

What amazed me about all these chefs were how unique each dish was. There wasn’t anything alike and that really speaks to their creativity with food.

Video of various dishes

Another aspect I really enjoyed about the event was that it was all about female chefs. I think that it’s so easy for society to overlook female chefs because they often are overshadowed by male chefs.

It was amazing to see all of these powerful women supporting one another and doing something that they love! Not only was it amazing because of the people in the environment but also the location of the event. The event was located at the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Seattle which is amazing in itself and has a beautiful view of the water, piers, and the Ferris wheel.

Before the night wrapped up, Chef Cecily Kimura was named the winner of the “Best Chef’s You’ve Never Heard of 2018: Female Powerhouse edition.” Chef Cecily Kimura shared with us her favorite dish after being crowned the winner.

This was a spectacular event and I look forward to visiting the restaurants that these chefs came from to see their full menu’s and bring friends and family to try them out too!



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