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Hart House: Unveiling the Future of Vegan Fast Food by Kevin Hart


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The genesis of my delicious journey today at Hart House was a year ago, when I read about Kevin Hart, the comic genius, venturing into a novel culinary experiment. His idea was to pioneer a plant-based fast food chain, an innovative concept that sparked curiosity and anticipation within me. Today, my wait ended, and I found myself stepping into his latest outpost, tucked away in the beating heart of Hollywood.

Natalia LaLonde, Hart House
Natalia in front of Hart House/Courtesy of The Ball Out’s Natalia LaLonde

An Oasis of Vegan Fast Food in Hollywood

The moment I crossed the threshold into Hart House, I was greeted by a vibrant green entrance. Tasteful signage beckoned me in further, while a bustling parking lot underscored the popularity of the place—a rarity for any Hollywood establishment. But what particularly caught my interest was the drive-through feature. The warm smiles of the staff, who seemed more than eager to guide me through the menu, added to the charm.

Despite its brevity, the menu was a treasure trove of culinary delights. Joel, one of the employees, recommended some off-menu gems that instantly piqued my interest. As someone with an affinity for sauces, I was pleasantly surprised to find an array of six distinct concoctions that could be paired with any meal.

From the tangy special sauce to the smoky BBQ, each sauce packed a flavorful punch, perfectly complementing my chosen dishes.

A Symphony of Flavors at Hart House

My gastronomic adventure began with the off-menu ‘Frots’—a divine fusion of fries and tater tots, followed by a refreshing side salad. The main course included the deluxe hot n’ crispy chick’n and a double burg’r. Each bite was like a trip down memory lane, invoking memories of my favorite childhood fast-food joints. To round off the meal, I treated myself to an Oreo shake with an Oatly base, which was nothing short of a decadent delight.

However, what truly set Hart House apart from other fast-food joints was its unwavering commitment to being a plant-based quick-service restaurant. The place was bustling with customers even at 3 in the afternoon, a testament to its growing popularity.

I was informed that they had no plans of slowing down anytime soon. With a drive-through at this Hollywood location and three other busy outlets, it was evident that Kevin Hart’s Hart House was making significant waves in the vegan fast food scene.

As I concluded my meal, I realized that I had indeed ‘ate my hart out,’ in line with their catchy slogan. I left with not just a satiated palate but also a heart full of admiration for this innovative culinary venture. Hart House seamlessly married taste with health, offering a refreshing take on fast food that was both delicious and environmentally conscious.

Natalia LaLonde, Hart House

It was an experience that transcended beyond just a meal, leaving me eagerly anticipating my next visit.

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