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Izayla, Madeline Stuart highlight finale at Los Angeles Fashion Week


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Los Angeles, CA – The final day of the Los Angeles Fashion Week hosted in the Majestic Downtown, was a fun night filled with hairspray, models, cocktails and art.  The Majestic is a historic masterpiece since 1924 and it was a beautiful location for the models to strut the runway.

To go along with watching a beautiful fashion show, appreciating great art, the front row at the Made in Italy designer showcase, also received a “swag bag.” Inside included a natural jar of honey, a bottle of carbonated mineral water, a can of sugar-free Monster, and an Apparel News magazine.

Not much beats receiving a gift while enjoying the Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Here’s a full list of all the designers who graced the runway on the final day of the Los Angeles Fashion Week: 21 Reasons Why, Izayla Vichi Swim, “Made in Italy (Showcase), A’Biddikkia, Diego Cortez, Atelier Nicola D’Errico, Kentaro Kameyama, Jonathan Marc Stein and Black Tape Project.

While all the designers were great, my personal favorite was Izayla because the fabrics were silky and more loose fitting.  That was the only line that I felt like I would personally wear.  I also felt that during the showcase from Italy, the clothing appeared thinner and more form fitting.

The one game changer was 21 Reasons Why by Madeline Stuart, the first supermodel with down syndrome.  She has graced the best of the best runways in just a few years. Sunday night she did not disappoint either as she walked the runway and put on a show.

Overall, the experience was exciting to see the beautiful outfits and I was able to enjoy taking some pictures in the photo booth with fun props. Now that fall is here, there is so much to look forward to fashion wise.  As spectators, we viewed feathers, new bikini styles, and even some bridal wear.

But now, it’s time to cozy up and grab a turtleneck to go along with some hot apple cider.

Posted by The Ball Out on Sunday, October 14, 2018


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