Jamie Spears suspended from Britney’s conservatory

Britney Spears, convervatory

For 13 years, Jamie Spears has been the conservator of his daughter’s estate. Since June Britney Spears has been pleading for her father to no longer be the head of her conservatory which she has stated has been “abuse.” Things were so bad, Britney refused to perform on stage.

Finally, her wishes have been heard.

A judge in California has suspended Jamie from Britney’s conservatory. Furthermore, John Zabel has been named the temporary conservator for the singer’s finances. Zabel is a California accountant and was requested by her lawyer to be the one to handle Britney’s estate now.

Jamie was expected to step down from his position, but today his hand was forced by the law.

The pop singer’s $60 million estate has been controlled by her father since 2008. Since this past June, Britney has been in and out of court pleading for freedom from her father. And with public support from her sister, getting a new lawyer, and the “Free Britney” movement by her fans, Judge Brenda Penny finally granted Britney’s petition to have Jamie removed from her conservatory.