Lou Dobbs
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Lou Dobbs, the highest-rated and most-viewed Fox host, just had his program canceled. He has recently come under fire for being a proud supporter of former president Donald Trump. The Fox News host is known for his Republican views, conspiracy theories, and controversial political commentary.

Dobbs previously departed from CNN for making anti-immigration statements. Dobbs was one of the first public figures to investigate the authenticity of former President Barrack Obama’s presidency. A day before, Smartmatic, an electronic voting company had made a $2.8 billion lawsuit against Fox News over election defamation and spreading false information. Dobbs was among other Fox News hosts part of the defamation suit. Rudy Giuliani, Maria Bartiromo, and Sidney Powell are being sued as well.

Since fall 2020, Fox network has been making internal network changes to prepare for President Joe Biden’s term, such as adding and switching up their programming. Fox News and Fox Business have now canceled Dobb’s show, “Lou Dobbs Tonight” which had a large cult following of around 300,000 viewers a night. His show had the greatest number of viewers on any business news channel.

As advertisers pulled out of backing the program due to boycotts, the network lost critical ad revenue. A Fox spokesperson has confirmed that Friday night would be Dobb’s final broadcasting. Many of his critics and competitors have spoken out in their relief he is no longer able to spread false or damaging information.


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