Happy emotions felt after viewing ‘Roadrunner: A film about Anthony Bourdain’

Roadrunner, Anthony Bourdain
'Roadrunner' documentary poster. Photo cred: Focus Feature

Beverly Hills, CA — Today we went to beautiful Beverly Hills to screen the new documentary ‘Roadrunner: A film about Anthony Bourdain’ directed by Morgan Neville. This film gives you a heartwarming and heartbreaking look into Anthony Bourdain’s mind and personal life. The footage followed him throughout many years as well as first-hand interviews and commentary from himself, friends, working partners, and family.

In more detail, Roadrunner was about Bourdain’s personal story through his rise of fame showing who he was as a man or how he was feeling at any point in time. Like many documentaries, this one shared the emotional struggles of chasing happiness and “normalcy”, a feeling he battled with for most, if not all his life.

As viewers, we were able to see Bourdain in his younger years as a chef, a father, to tv star with cut footage from the travel shows. The documentary shone a light on what he filmed after he had achieved stardom and everything in between showing how his life changed along the way. Bourdain’s fame came very quickly and unexpectedly after writing his first top-selling book ‘Kitchen Confidential’, to then going on to have many exceedingly popular food and travel network shows.

‘Roadrunner’ is composed mostly of exclusive videos giving a raw look at Bourdain as both a ‘normal’ person and celebrity and how to balance being both. As viewers, we see that mostly he is just a regular guy who, in life, is searching for the same thing that everyone else is: happiness.

Although this documentary will absolutely make you cry it is also a superb monument to the joy he brought the people around him, the laughter and love he shared with friends, family, and specifically his daughter. It is a unique behind-the-scenes look into Bordain’s life about how he felt about fame and just life in general. There are plenty of parts that will give you a good laugh, between the jokes with friends and his general pessimistic yet intriguing sense of dark humor, I cannot deny he was very funny.

‘Roadrunner is truly a great story of love, pain and the human condition told by Bourdain and those that knew him best.