Trevor Lawrence goes No. 1 in NFL draft; Round 1 loaded with QB’s

Trevor Lawrence, NFL draft 2021

The anticipation is over. The first round of the NFL draft happened last night and let’s just say I went to bed with a smile on my face. Why? Because my team came out on top. Let’s break down the big notes of the night.

Quarterbacks, quarterbacks, and more quarterbacks. Five quarterbacks were selected in the top 15 picks. Trevor Lawrence was the first pick of the night selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars. No surprise there. Jacksonville has struggled with QB’s for many years and Lawrence is the perfect guy to step in with the potential to truly be historically great.

The number two pick was Zach Wilson from BYU who was picked up by the Jets and the third was Trey Lance out of North Dakota State selected by the 49ers. Now, the Trey Lance pick kind of surprised me due to all the buzz around Mac Jones and the 49ers, however, there’s always some sort of surprise at the beginning of the draft.

Alabama stud Jaylen Waddle was selected by the Miami Dolphins at spot number 6 and boy is he dangerous. I see him really helping Tua Tagovailoa going forward and those two together could really be electric.

Now let’s just talk about what I’m really here to talk about…DA BEARS. It’s a hard life being a Bears fan. Every year we sit there and just hope for a decent pick because well…we need some help. Although the Bears recently signed Andy Dalton for a one-year, $10 million deal, they still had their sights set on a reliable quarterback going forward. And let’s just say…Ryan Pace (the GM of the Bears) literally won the draft.

The Bears moved up nine spots but had to give up picks 20 and 164 this year as well as a first and fourth-round pick in 2022. Pace was AGGRESSIVE. Was it worth it? Time will tell, but I am extremely pleased.

To be honest, I was shocked that Justin Fields was even still on the board at pick 11, but we got him and we finally (or hopefully I should say) have our long-term starter the fan base has all been waiting for.

Is it football season yet?

Full results for round 1 can be found here. Round 2 of the NFL draft starts again tonight at 7 pm EST.