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Gun violence has been on an incline, with multiple gun violence occurring this weekend. This trend is following the Atlanta spa massacre. At least fifty mass shootings have occurred in the month following, arising another conversation about the second amendment. The Atlanta shooting killed eight and injured three. The Atlanta shooting has been described as a hate crime against the Asian community AAPIs, or Asian-American Pacific Islanders have been particularly vulnerable to hate crimes since Coronavirus conspiracy theories. 

CNN has determined the official definition of a mass shooting to be any shooting with at least four casualties, not including the perpetrator. This does not necessarily mean they were murdered and includes injuries. Fortunately, not all of the shootings over the weekend reached those numbers.

Shootings occurred in Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin. In Chicago, a seven-year-old girl, Jaslyn Adams, was murdered at a McDonald’s drive-through. Three people were killed in an Austin, Texas shooting which is being referred to by law enforcement as a “domestic situation”. The suspect is a 41-year-old former Travis County Sheriff’s Office Detective.

In Columbus, Ohio Latoya Carpenter was killed by gunfire at a vigil for another person killed by gunfire. A group was commemorating the late Jarrin Hickman, who was killed a year prior. She was behind the wheel and shot in the head. Her car crashed into another parked vehicle, and Carpenter was declared dead at the scene. Five others were also struck by gunfire, one being a twelve-year-old girl.

A gun was pulled in a New Orleans suburb leading six people to be harmed at a shootout at a child’s birthday party. At the time of this article, no deaths or arrests have been confirmed. And this past weekend in Kenosha, Wisconsin there was another shooting. A few months ago, Kenosha was also the center of attention for the nation when Jacob Blake was shot multiple times by an officer.


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