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After police shoot man, protest erupt in Kenosha



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Kenosha, WI — Protested erupted last night outside of the Kenosha police department after a black man, Jacob Blake, was shot in close range – seven times – by police officers yesterday.  

Per a report by USA Today, it is still unknown what transpired before the gunshots were heard, only that police were responding to a domestic incident. The video above shows Blake walking to a car being trailed by two officers who have their weapons drawn on him. They continued in that manner until Blake reached inside the car, was pulled by an officer, and then shots were fired.  

The same report stated Blake was airlifted to a hospital in Milwaukee to be treated for a serious condition. 

Wisconsin’s Governor Tony Evers spoke on the incident and being with Blake’s family yesterday. He also expressed police brutality against black men and women in America. 

Last night the Kenosha Couty put in an emergency curfew on the city at 10:15 pm after a large crowd gathered outside of the prescient.  

Outside of the Public Safety Building, protesters could be heard chanting “no justice, no peace” while police stood ground in front of the building forcing the demonstrators to move away from the building. 

The unrest in the city eventually led to multiple vehicles being set on fire, windows being broken and SWAT being called to the area.  The crowd was later broken up after tear gas was thrown. 

According to the WIS Politics, the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Division of Criminal Investigation has opened an investigation into the shooting. At the moment, the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave. 

More details to come as the story develops. 

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