Kobe Bryant, Lou Williams

If you are a fan of Lou Williams, you are aware of his rapping abilities. He has been a rapper for years. This past Sept. we attended his listening party to promote his new album, ‘Underground Goat’.

Williams now has a special song released called “24”. The song itself is a tribute to the late-great, Kobe Bryant who passed away late last month in a helicopter crash. Williams and Bryant were teammates back in 2015-2017 before Williams was traded to the Houston Rockets.

The song “24” was produced by Don Cannon and features Mitchelle’l and Landstrip Chip. Williams’ admiration and inspiration for his teammate can be heard in the track. He even mentions how difficult it is to deal with Bryant being gone, his daughter Gigi unfortunately passing away in the crash too, the number of rings Bryant won in the NBA and his iconic last game of his career.

Tomorrow the track will be officially released on all platforms to go alongside Williams’ latest project, “Syx Piece”, which will kick off of All-Star weekend.

A snippet of the three minute song can be heard on Williams’ Instagram but the full song can be found here.


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