Lou Williams
Photo by Kaylie Clineff/The Ball Out

Atlanta, GA — We’ve seen it plenty of times throughout our era. Many athletes try to emulate their favorite hip-hop artist and become rappers themselves. Some have been pretty good.

We’ve seen many such as Portland Trailblazer star Damian Lillard and Sacramento Kings forward Marvin Bagley III. However, possibly one of the dopest athletes/emcee’s is Los Angeles Clipper and reigning 3-time sixth Man of the Year, Lou Williams.

Williams hosted a silent listening party in celebration of album release- “Underground Goat” in Atlanta, which has become one of the biggest areas for rappers to show off their talents in a new light. The event was filled with a cheerful crowd, mouthwatering food, and unlimited bar service.

The first hour of the event was a nice little social cocktail hour. Guest were able to mingle and get to know everyone before they tuned into Lou’s album release. The DJ got the crowd pumped up during the evening by playing some old school hip-hop, making sure everyone was feeling good.

Lou Williams, fans
The audience listening to Lou Williams’ album via individual headphone. Photo by Kaylie Clineff/The Ball Out

The clock finally struck 11 p.m, and Lou entered the building and stated a few words before exciting the crowd.

“I want to thank you all for being here tonight. The love and support means a lot to me, whether I have friends, family, or even my fans right now,” he said. “It means the world to me and I’m so excited to share this new album with you”.

The album reaches a length of 38 minutes. The night was still young and everyone was having a great time and loved the music. Going to a silent disco is quite the experience because inside the headphones is an entire concert. In addition, when you take them off, it’s a whole new world. 

Phones and cameras flashed as Lou started rapping some of the verses featured on his album live. This event was a great way to get the community involved and connect them with an athlete who also has a passion for music. 

The energy in the room made the entire event a success which is why I think it’s ideal for everyone to attend a silent listening party. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Check out his song “Rebound” now on YouTube off of Underground Goat.


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