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Escoba Bistro’s Argentinian New Year Feast dazzles tastebuds of attendees

Calgary, Alberta — Tonight I attended Escoba’s Argentinian New Year Feast. If you haven’t been to Escoba Bistro and Wine Bar — I highly recommend it.

From the moment I walked in the door I was impressed with their hospitality, decor, atmosphere, food and drinks. When I first entered the restaurant, I was greeted by their friendly, and polite hostess as she took my coat and got me a drink. From there I then had the pleasure of being introduced to the owner and operator, Laurel, Blair the general manager and Shawn, who ran the dinner and spoke about each wine pairing.

Escoba created the perfect relaxed and comfortable environment for everyone attending. Coming to the event on my own I was nervous, but the way the tables were set up, and how the dinner was planned, it was super easy to chat and interact amongst the other 24 guests.

escoba bistro
Photo by Jamie Evans/The Ball Out
escoba bistro
Photo by Jamie Evans/The Ball Out

We started the dinner with Chorizo and Vegetable Empanadas, paired a nice glass of Felino Chardonnay, which was followed by grilled provolone and Malbec. Our third dish was Carbonada Criolla paired with a Cab Sav. In addition, if that wasn’t enough, our main course was Asado — a feast of grilled meats and roasted vegetables paired with Cocodrillo Carte.

The dinner was absolutely incredible. The meat was so tender and cooked to perfection. My personal favorite was the beef and the sausage, as well as the beats.

For the conclusion of dinner, we finished with Alfajores, sweet dough cookies filled with dulce de leche and topped with berries and raspberry coulis. Truly I could not say enough good things about my time at Escoba Bistro & Wine Bar this evening.

The general manager Blair was incredible. He went out of his way to continually make sure I, along with all in attendance, were happy and taken care of. He paid close attention to detail and made an effort to meet everyone and called them by name. Showing genuine care about everyone’s well being in the building. The entire staff was incredible and knowledgeable about the food and grapes.

Escoba created an incredible environment for all of us. Making me feel at home!! Blair told me they are hosting another dinner event Feb. 27th featuring Spain — make sure you get your tickets because it’s a dinner you won’t want to miss.

By Jamie Evans

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