Ecolibrium Farms
Photo courtesy of Ecolibrium Farms

Redmond, WA– Ecolibrium Farms in Washington has dedicated themselves to change the way we look at food and are doing so by trying to bring people from all walks of life together by what they love. Through growing only the best produce, the farm introduces farm fresh foods that both taste amazing, as well as are good for you.  Foodies will get a chance to try their amazing food at Ecolibrium Farm’s first dinner of the season,“Under the Walnuts: Kyle Bopes”.

You’re seeing more and more that we’re moving towards an era where many individuals are steering towards a healthier lifestyle. Yet, you have those who although they’d like to join that trend of healthier eating, they believe that eating “healthy” doesn’t necessarily equate in the food tasting any good.

under the walnuts
Photo courtesy of Ecolibrium Farms

With Ecolibruim Farms, that is far from that narrative as the chefs cook not only healthy, but delicious food, too.

Culinary director, Kyle Bopes, will look to change your mind as his talents will take center stage during the dinner on June 9. Although Bopes is considered one of the more underrated chefs in the state, the vast array of flavors that he uses in his dishes can’t be missed. The Arizona native joined Ecolibrium after perfecting his craft at Junebaby for many years as well as spending some time at Salare and Bar Sajor. He’s fallen in love with the importance of the land, along with the farmers that tend to it.

The farm is incredibly excited for what their very own has in store to kick off Ecolibrium’s 2019 season. In addition, you’ll be certain that while taking in the beauty of the farm, being surrounded by many amazing individuals ready to experience a taste like no other, Bopes will not disappoint. He will be bringing his unique style and fantastic signature dishes for a dinner you will not forget.

under the walnuts
Photo courtesy of Ecolibrium Farms

Who knows, as Bopes boils, bakes and serves your taste-buds with epic deliciousness, he may even make something special just for those in attendance.

“Under the Walnuts: Kyle Bopes” will be happening this Sunday, June 9th at Ecolibrium Farms in Redmond, WA from 4-8 p.m.. Make sure you call 847-924-5993 or visit their website to purchase your tickets for what will be an amazing night of company, beautiful sites on the farm and fantastic food.

The dinner series will continue throughout the summer with another one taking place later this June 16, two more in the months of July, August, September, and one dinner in October.


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