Great Wines of Italy by James Suckling pours an experience you won’t forget

Great Wines of Italy
Photo by Sandy Robinson/The Ball Out

Beverly Hills, CA — Great Wines of Italy has begun to tour the country once again, showcasing some of the best Italian wines there is to offer. The SLS Hotel Beverly Hills was the first stop for this tour, giving wine connoisseurs, novices and everyone in-between, a chance to discover what all the noise is about when this event comes to town.

If you aren’t familiar with this event, consider it as the All-Star Game of wine tasting. Over 90 of the top Italian wineries and their owners showcase their top wines, as well as their new and upcoming releases. From Ca’Viola, Cecchi, Ômina Romana and even St. Michael-Eppan, spectators far and wide had the chance to experience something their taste buds will not forget.

The wineries selected and the event itself is spearheaded by James Suckling, a wine and cigar critic, who credits his father’s passion for wine as a reason for him to get into the business. Suckling felt that the process and creation of making wine ignited family and events that brought groups from different walks of life together.

Every wine served in the event had a story and represented a different part of Italy. In addition, the winemakers, owners and representatives of the wineries would also give us a full background history of their wine while fans enjoyed the splendid aroma and excellent taste of wine being served. The process of drying grapes and even the growing process of those grapes would be described thoroughly, making you feel like you were getting an inside scoop in what it took to make what they felt was the perfect wine.

To hear them speak about this passion for wine left everyone in awe and made you feel special for being able to come into this event. Great Wines of Italy hosted by James Suckling was a blast to be apart of.

Wine is an phenomenal business that brings people together and makes dinners or events as special as they should be. Also, Great Wines of Italy was the one night that allows you to have an experience with people who share the same love for wine as you, or are in the beginning stages. Now it’s understood why this event is sold out in the tour’s final four cities.

So, make sure to register and grab a ticket the next time the tour comes to your town — or you’ll whine about it later.