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Día de Campo’s Mandala Tequila Pairing dinner leaves diners craving more


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By Chandler Allen 

Hermosa Beach, CA — Great things normally come in pairs and outstanding food with great tasting tequila is as great a duo as you can get. However, there are times when you don’t know which tequila goes best with a certain dish.

Día de Campo, located in beautiful Hermosa Beach, California, makes not only the best pairing of food and tequila and experience with their Mandala Tequila Pairing dinner, but makes even the biggest foodie’s taste buds rave while doing it.

As you enter the restaurant, you immediately become entrenched in the ambiance as well as the relaxing atmosphere. In addition, as you make your way to your table, you see a beautiful plate setting with pre-poured tequila tasters waiting in the cutest arrangement with a flower on the napkin. And a small appetizer with chips and salsa to start the evening.

The five course menu at this dinner was all chef-driven and was absolutely a tasting experience unlike any other as you’re started off with delicious Albondigas served with Extra Anejo. This opening course was followed by a unique and exquisite crawfish dish. After was the subtle oak nut dish with cooked agave on top which paired nicely with the Reposado Tequila.

Finally, we were served a delicious fish dish made with seared Hamachi on tostado, topped with savory aioli and paired with Mandala Blanco Tequila. No dish left you disappointed, and you’d always look forward to the next pairing.

To say Mandala tequila is a unique brand would be an understatement. The idea for the brand started in 2014 and licensing didn’t make the brand official until 2015. This fact intrigued me and makes the Extra Anejo even more special in my opinion because it was anticipated for a while post launching Mandala as a brand. Smooth honey, warmth and sweetness is what you’ll experience with Mandalas Extra Anejo.

What was equally impressive was how Mandala processed the tequila which did not stop at the liquid process– it continues with how you present it. Mandala is different from most tequila companies because they do not sell their agave. It is exclusively sourced by their own estate.

The Mandala estate is where the agave grows also where they distill and age the tequila. It is all on site and exclusive to them making Mandala unique. They’re limited edition release is packaged in individually hand painted bottles, making no two bottles alike. Mandala Extra Anejo tequila is first stored for five years aged in French oak Cabernet barrels, then two years in Cognac barrels.

That makes this tequila ages for seven years. Even those from the event who said they don’t typically drink tequila enjoy sipping Mandala because it is exceptionally smooth and different.

I would rate Mandala tequila as a ten out of ten and highly recommend for all tequila lovers.


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