Kareem Hunt

Per reports, a video shows Kansas City Chiefs’ running back Kareem Hunt shoving, as well as, kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel in February. The video was obtained and published by TMZ Sports on Friday.

According to ESPN’s Dan Graizano, after the video’s surfacing, Hunt was excused from practice and was sent home from the facility. Further action is still pending.

In the video, Hunt is seen exchanging words with a woman, who’s allegedly now been identified as Abigail Ottinger, a 19-year-old Kent State student, in the hotel’s hallway before shoving her. Both were separated, however, she hits him in the face which causes Hunt to become more hostile. Friends try to hold back Hunt, but he pushes one of the men into Ottinger which causes both individuals to fall. In addition, as Ottinger is trying to get up, Hunt kicks her.

The incident was reported in February as police were called to the hotel to assess the situation. However, there were no arrest nor charges brought against Hunt. TMZ reported that prosecutors had access to the hotel surveillance video. Hunt was never suspended by the NFL for the incident.

According to the police report, Ottinger suffered abrasions to her knee and hand and a scratch on her chest. Also in the report, Ottinger says that she spent a night on a party bus going to Cleveland bars with a group of Hunt’s friends. Thereafter, she and a friend were kicked out of Hunt’s apartment. When the women didn’t leave the hallway, Ottinger says that Hunt “shoved and pushed her.”

Body-cam footage shows the Ottinger as well as witnesses giving differing accounts of what happened. She tells police that she wouldn’t have sex with one of the men that was with Hunt. However, people were in Hunt’s camp, said she called him the N-word after being asked to leave Hunt’s hotel room.

Here’s the video:


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