Lakers, LeBron James

NBA Free agency is underway, and wow, what a night it was with many prominent signings. The first — and most surprising — domino, as one would say, that fell was Paul George re-signing with Oklahoma City, while not even granting his hometown Los Angeles Lakers a meeting. Well, it wasn’t a surprise to us, as we reported it a few days ago, but to many in the national media, it was a huge stunner.

Don’t believe us? Did you see ESPN insider Brian Windhorst’s reaction (or coniption, just joking)? It was priceless, and it really embodied the reaction of many that cover the NBA, as many assumed it was a foregone conclusion to many, that George would head to the Lakers:

And while the George signing was huge news, the real news everyone is clamoring for is LeBron James. There’s been so many reports even before free agency even began. It was reported that at 12:01 a.m. James spoke with Cavs GM Koby Altman at the start of free agency. However, there are some rumors, that James met — and had dinner — with Magic Johnson last night:

If these aformentioned rumors are true, then was James’ call with the Cavaliers a courtesy call, as to imply and give off the look that he’s “seriously” considering them? Also, it could be that those rumors aren’t true, as the New York Times’ Marc Stein debunked the notion that James and Magic met for dinner:

Who knows as this point? However, the one thing we know: free agency is fun.


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