NBA free agency is almost underway, and while it’s on the horizon, the rumors of what’s going to transpire has already been a topic of many discussions. The main topic: What is LeBron James going to do?

Earlier this week, a friend of James’ implied that it was a forgone conclusion that Cavs’ superstar was headed to Los Angeles. And then this morning, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith reported on First Take, that James reached out to Golden State superstar Kevin Durant via text about potentially joining him in Los Angeles. This is a very serious report by Smith, as it would imply, that James is doing anything and everything to find someone to play with in LA.

Mind you, there’s been talks about James and Paul George going to the Lakers. Also, there’s been chatter of James wanting to play with Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles as well. When it comes to what’s going to happen, who knows? However, when it comes to free agency in today’s NBA, anything — and everything — is on the table.


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