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Jia Loungewear provides ‘confidence, comfort’ for women



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For a large number of women, being at home is a place where they want to feel comfortable regardless of what they are wearing. Sometimes though, when friends or family come over to visit, women have to throw on a bra — thanks to Katie who created Jia Loungewear that narrative is now changing.

I tried on the ASHLEY Gathered Bamboo Tank from Jia Loungewear and
immediately fell in love. This is the first time I’ve worn clothing made from bamboo and
I didn’t expect it to be this soft and smooth against my skin. The top is loose and easy to
breathe in, but also has an under-layer with foam inserts to give an illusion of wearing a
bra, minus the uncomfortableness of one.

We asked Katie, why she created Jia Loungewear and how she got into fashion in the first place.

“I actually started designing because I was looking to solve my own problem! When I fell in love with my current husband and moved in with the family, he already had three kids. I became a step-mom to some tween-aged boys, and my new home life came with the unexpected dilemma of finding “appropriate” loungewear,” she expressed. “I didn’t want
to have to wear a bra 100% of the time, but felt a bit exposed not wearing one around the

“I searched the retail loungewear market for a loungewear top that could actually
provide coverage and comfort, that I could wear confidently around the family. I was
surprised and frustrated that I couldn’t find a product that achieved what I was looking
for. I really only found variations of elastic shelf-bra camis, but I wasn’t willing to
sacrifice comfort to wear an elastic shelf all the time. I knew there had to be a better
way to construct a garment to provide cup coverage without elastic. So I began
designing Jia Loungewear!”

And boy aren’t we happy that even though it was frustrating for Katie to find what she was looking for — which a lot of women can relate to — her disappointment inspired her!

The tank top is made of light material so it feels like I’m wearing pajamas but still
provides coverage. This top is perfect for me because even though I live in an apartment
with eight girls, they’ll occasionally have guests over and it’s a pain to have to run to my
room to throw on a bra.

With Jia Loungewear, I don’t have to worry about that anymore!

Katie does have plans to expand Jia Loungewear which she currently is in the process of doing.

“At this time, I like selling in Jia Loungewear’s own native voice, including on the website and in-person, but might consider retail partnerships in the future if the right ones come along.”

Head over to her web page and buy yourself a tank top — trust me you’ll love the way the shirt feels and fits on you. But most importantly, you can confidently wear it no matter who is around!

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