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Cast of “Emergency” ecstatic during red carpet premiere


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Hollywood, CA — Thursday night was another unbelievable red carpet night here in Hollywood! I was able to cover the premiere of Amazon Studios film “Emergency”. Directed by Carey Williams, starring RJ Cyler, Donald Watkins, and Sabrina Carpenter.

As I arrived at the location, I was greeted with the lights, red carpet and a crowd of people. The energy was great as the influencers, actors, the cast, and crew members began to shuffle in. The fashion, energy, and conversation filled the room. I was able to chat with some influencers about their expectations of the movie. I also conversed with the cinematographer about the mood, theme, and process of making “Emergency”.

Although “Emergency” is a dramatic comedy, it’s also very controversial. Two Black college students run into some trouble when a white girl appears in their dorm. It’s a film that touches on the Generation Z-based cast — targeting a younger audience yet touching on a subject relevant to all.

Director Williams had said at the premiere that he hopes the audience has the takeaway that it’s okay, to be honest, and tell people when you’re uncomfortable, especially as a young Black man. The cast seemed like family on the red carpet and were all ecstatic about the premiere and for the world to finally see their hard work.

“Emergency” will be shown in select theaters on May 20th, and globally on Amazon Prime Video on May 27th. Be sure to check out this amazing film! With a 7.5 on IMDB and a 94% on rotten tomatoes, plays as someone who’s watched it themselves — I promise you won’t want to miss it! 

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