Ex-officer acquitted after botched raid that killed Breonna Taylor

Brett Hankison, Breonna Taylor

Brett Hankison was one of the officers who took part in the 2020 no-knock raid that led to the death of Breonna Taylor. Hankison has been on trial after being tried for three counts of wanton endangerment for the shots he fired, endangering other residents at the apartment complex. Hankison was never put on trial for the death of Taylor but for firing shots in her apartment complex.

Today Hankison was acquitted of all charges. Civil rights and personal injury attorney Ben Crump stated his disappointment in the jury for today’s verdict:

“This verdict is further evidence of the lack of police accountability. The fact that Brett Hankinson was not even charged for Breonna Taylor’s killing and only faced charges for the wanton endangerment of her white neighbors was a slap in the face for Breonna and her family. The lack of accountability showcased in every aspect of Breonna’s killing speaks to how much more work there is to be done before we can say our justice system is fair and our system of policing is protective of people of color. We demand real police reform, including a federal ban of no-knock warrants and improved training for law enforcement officers. Until we achieve those reforms, we cannot sleep safely in our own homes.”

We reported back in Sept. of 2020 Hankison and the other cops would sadly “not be charged” for the death of Taylor. Some individuals who have followed the case really leaned toward there being no charges for the cops involved after the city of Lousiville agreed to pay a $12 million settlement to Taylor’s family.