Titus O’Neil shares his community impact, inspiration from Muhammad Ali

Titus O'Neil


Titus O’Neil has been nominated for the Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award in back-to-back years. I had the pleasure of speaking to him prior to the awards show. O’Neil is truly incredible and someone that really brings positivity to everyone around him. Before we spoke about his nomination, though, we spoke about the amazing work he has done for the community.

The first event he shared more about was his “Back to School Bash.” Specifically, “Back to School Bash” provides thousands of kids with school supplies, physicals, eye exams, haircuts, food, and much more. Amazing right? The Back to School Bash this year is an exciting one due to the pandemic forcing it to be virtual last year.

“ ready to celebrate having a year of normalcy when it comes to school.”

Furthermore, they are expecting about 50,000 people this year along with a very special guest. Wait for it….FLO RIDA!

But, O’Neil’s community work didn’t stop there. He also put on a “Love Walk” which was in solidarity for racial equality during the summer.

“It was a call to action to all of the company heads, CEO’s leadership, civic leaders, and then families,” O’Neil expressed on the “Love Walk”. “Bringing families together from all different walks of life. It was very significant because we walked over the Fortune Taylor Bridge.

“We are all walking in the same direction trying to accomplish the same issue is to hopefully everyone come together and get people to have real conversations about systemic issues that reside in our country and not only just having conversations but actually do stuff about it.”

He does so much more as well which brings me to his second-time nomination for the Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award. In fact, O’Neil said that he has looked up to Muhammad Ali his whole life.

“One it shows that the work never stopped, that I wasn’t a one-hit-wonder. And two, that there are a lot of people working behind the scene. They have been able to acknowledge what I have done. They wanted to bring that to the storefront to nominate me again. Twice is nice,” O’Neil said with a smile on his face.