“The Killing of Two Lovers” tears at the fabric of family life

Killing of Two lover
Photo by Ginsberg/Libby

Robert Machoian’s “The Killing of Two Lovers” is a movie that tugs at the heartstrings, exploiting marital infidelity and rage.

David (Clayne Crawford) and Niki (Sepideh Moafi) were high school sweethearts, were married at a young age, and have a family together. The two decide to separate with intention of getting back together, so David thinks. In most cases as we know, the drama arises from when one party is pulling toward divorce (which is Niki) and the other (David) wants reconciliation.

Niki and David have their parenting disagreements throughout the movie, but ultimately when David finds Niki with another man it sends him into a blind rage. He sneaks around her house in the middle of the night knocking on the kids’ windows and being in her room while she has another man over.

The young boys (Arri, Ezra and Jonah Graham) seem to be handling the situation pretty well, however the separation has taken a toll on the teenage daughter, Jesse (Avery Pizzuto). She blames them for both for “ruining her life” with the instability. There is no question that there is some kind of explosion coming and it involves David and Niki’s new boyfriend. After getting a beating, David almost gets in a car wreck when Niki comes to console him and confessed her love for him. It seems like the family is whole again at the end of the film, but will something else come about?

I enjoyed watching this film because I think it gives the viewers a better understanding of how separation and marriage infidelity does not only affect the people in the relationship, but the family too. I think Robert Machoian does a great job at showing the hardships that come with co-parenting and dealing with the stress of a spouse moving on.

Though this film doesn’t have much action, it does allow the viewers to show empathy for this family during this difficult time.

The Killing of Two Lovers will be in theaters and on-demand later this week on May 14.

By Bailey Eichner