LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers
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The Lakers have been without Anthony Davis since before the All-Star break. Now Los Angeles will be without its go-to player and four-time MVP: LeBron James.

Saturday night against Atlanta, James exited the game after sustaining an ankle injury. The Lakers star left the game in the first half and never returned. While his X-Ray came back negative, James is still waiting for the results of his MRI test.

James’ teammates expressed their frustration with the play as Atlanta’s Solomon Hill dove into their star teammate with the ball behind him.

“A guy dove for a loose ball, took his leg out from up under him,” Montrezl Harrell said after the game. “I really don’t feel like it was one of those loose-ball plays. He had to go through his leg to get the ball, man. He was turned sideways. The ball was behind him. I mean, you’re jumping at an angle, going across this way, I mean, I don’t know how you feel that’s a loose ball.”

James was able to stand and walk on his own after being injured. In fact, the next possession he hit a three before leaving the game

James, 36, was able to stand on his own and limped back to the bench where he laced his sneakers and stayed in the game after the timeout.

Following the game — and social media noise — Hill did address the play which unfortunately hurt James.

Atlanta went on to beat the Lakers, 99-94.


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