Kyle Rittenhouse
Getty Images

Kyle Rittenhouse is missing. Rittenhouse has been accused of shooting protesters in Kenosha over the summer. In October, he was extradited to Wisconsin for homicide charges.

Despite making the $2 million cash bail in November, he is still on trial. But, the courts attempted to deliver a notice for an upcoming hearing for Rittenhouse at the address listed on his release paperwork — the address is false.

According to a news reporter, Derrick Rose, Rittenhouse put an address on his court documents that is false and he does not reside there.

Rittenhouse was supposed to notify the courts within 48 hours of moving from the location listed on his paperwork. Prosecutors are now asking the judge to not only raise Rittenhouse’s bail by $200,000 for the violation but also to issue a warrant for his arrest.

As of today, his next court hearing is scheduled for March 10 but that could change with this new development.



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