Adam Coy
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On Dec. 22, 2020, Andre Hill — an unarmed Black man — was killed in Colombus, Ohio. That day, officers were responding to a 311 non-emergency call for a noise complaint. Today, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost indicted Adam Coy — a former Cacsasiaan policeman.

“We are encouraged by the decision of the grand jury to hold [Officer] Coy accountable for his reckless action, resulting in the tragic death of Andrew Hill,” Hill’s family attorney Ben Crump said in a statement. “Though nothing will bring back Andre’s life and relieve his family’s grief, this is an important step toward justice.”

Coy, who has been arrested, has been charged with one count of felonious assault, one count of murder, and two counts of dereliction duty.

“I believe the evidence supports the indictment,” Yost stated.

According to reports, body camera footage showed Hill in handcuffs despite being lifeless. Hill was shot four times and no medical attention was given to him. Coy argues he thought he saw a gun before he opened fire. However, his partner on the scene, Officer Amy Detweiler, heard him yell “gun” but could not recall any orders from Coy to Hill.

Furthermore, Detweiler stated did not see a gun nor did she feel threatened by Hill that night. No gun was ever found at the scene of the shooting.

Following an investigation, the Colombus Police Department fired Coy. The investigation determined the use of deadly force was not reasonable.


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