Joe Walsh, Donald Trump
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Our contributing columnist Cheri Jacobus, sits down with former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh. Walsh shares his thoughts on the Capitol being breached last week which moved him from sadness to anger, why he always knew Donald Trump wasn’t fit to be president, and much more.

Joe Walsh is a former Illinois Congressman elected to Congress in the TEA Party wave of 2010. Following his service in Congress, Walsh became one of the most popular conservative talk radio hosts in the country, syndicated in major markets throughout the U.S.

In August of 2019, Joe became a candidate for President of the United States, waging a Republican primary challenge against Donald Trump.

Walsh is the author of F*UCK SILENCE: Calling Trump Out for the Cultish, Moronic, Authoritarian Con Man He Is release in February of 2020 and available at
Joe is the host of F*UCK Silence Podcast” found at and is on GAB Radio Network every Monday through Friday from 3-5 pm CST and available via podcast




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