Daniel Uhlfelder
Courtesy of Daniel Uhlfelder

Who knew the Grim Reaper could prevail as a superhero?

Daniel Uhlfelder, also known as the ‘Grim Reaper’ was more than ecstatic to speak about his inspirations and perspective with our host, Ally Bechtold.

As the Coronavirus permeated Florida, Uhlfelder became frustrated with the lack of mindfulness his state was lacking in regards to social distancing. Even though Uhlfelder is a successful attorney, he does not lack creativity. He became incredibly creative with an activist performance when he dressed up in a Grim Reaper costume and walked along Florida beaches all over the state. He wanted to do something emblematic about how serious this situation was.

“The Grim Reaper is trying to save lives,” he shared on his popular costume choice while strolling the beach.

As dark as the costume may seem, Uhlfelder is trying to spread an impactfully positive message. Even though he has positive intentions with his actions, not everyone agrees with his stance. He has gotten encouraging responses from people all over the world but also those who don’t agree. In fact, Uhlfelder has even received death threats in a backlash to his outspokenness. Uhlfelder believes that President Trump and the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, have not handled the Coronavirus outbreak successfully. 

Daniel Uhlfelder
Daniel Uhlfelder headshot. Courtesy of Daniel.

In addition, Uhlfelder has experienced the impact of the coronavirus on a personal level. One of his client’s teenage sons caught the virus and almost passed away. Furthermore, if it were not due to the savior of the ICU and ventilator, he would have. Uhlfelder is fearful of the fall and winter for residents of his state, in case of a second wave.

He expressed his concern about the Trump rally in Florida, saying it was dangerous to all attendees compact in the rally since it rebels against social distancing. 

“The leader of our country is supposed to be protecting us, and will be at a rally with 10,000 people on top of each other,” Uhlfelder stated in our interview. 

“There is no limit to my frustrations regarding the Trump Administration’s handling.”

What bothers him is the lack of respect, empathy, and understanding for other people.

Moreover, Uhlfelder says he wants people to think about the wellbeing of others. Also, that our country is better than being dismissive of the urgency of the outbreak. “We should be able to enjoy life without worrying about getting other people sick.”

Uhlfelder believes the darkness comes with light and that we will get out of this if we face reality and take proper precautions. 



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