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NY Guardians thrash Tampa Bay in XFL home opener

East Rutherford, NJ -- Just because the SuperBowl is over, that does not mean the football hype has died down.

Co-directors of ‘Brazen’ break down inspiration at FIAF Animation First

New York, NY -- Did you know there is a little bit of France in the Big Apple?  In...

US Women’s soccer team gets celebration fit for a queen

New York City, NY -- Red, white and blue confetti flooded the streets and exploded in the sky of New York...

Greatest Day Ever Festival lives up to name

Brooklyn, NY -- Who would have known the concrete jungle has incredible festivals near the beach? Coney Island was a catalyst of...

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‘No Drama Llama’ gives Portland protestors a reason to remain calm

PORTLAND, OR - The last few weeks have brought everything from unnamed soldiers to the mayor getting tear gassed.

The Triple Double: One Last Assist

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...welcome to the final edition of The Triple Double! Before...

Olympic athlete staying healthy during coronavirus

Amid the pandemic of coronavirus, our Olympian host Darya Klishina is staying on top of her home workouts and diet during the...

Kanye’s bid to get on 2020 ballot aided by Republicans

It has been a month since Kanye West announced that he will run for the presidency of the United States. The rapper...